The trade exchange between Morocco and Egypt

The trade exchange between Morocco and Egypt recorded $681m throughout 2019, based on Minister of Industry and Trade, Nevine Gamea.

Her remarks came in the course of her conference with the Moroccan ambassador of Cairo, Ahmed El-Tazi.

Gamea declared you can find opportunities that are great for joint investment cohesiveness, particularly in light of the huge potentials which the economies of both nations possess.

In reaction, the Moroccan ambassador of Cairo declared his country he likes to improve joint financial cooperation with Egypt, particularly in light of the level of historical and political ties that relate the 2 nations.


Rabat – The amount of trade between Morocco and Egypt amounted to $681 zillion throughout 2019, continuing the constant increase captured in previous seasons.

Egypt is the main beneficiary of the industry relationship, attaining $540 zillion in exports to Morocco found 2019.

This disparity mirrors a recurring problem in Moroccan Egyptian trade.

The 2 people reviewed ways of bolstering financial cooperation between Morocco and Egypt.

The Moroccan ambassador shown the country’s fascination with improving financial ties with Egypt, because of the deeply rooted historical as well as political relations between the 2 nations.

The Egyptian minister asserted the benefits of obtaining industrial integration and boosting exports to European, Arab, along with African market segments.

She proceeded to underline the advantages of bilateral cohesiveness under the Agadir Agreement, that helps upgrade manufacturing solutions within the 4 signatory nations – Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, along with Tunisia – in the goal of exporting on the European store.

The minister even pressed the demand for exchanging expertise within the financial area specifically the exchange of innovative training and technologies programs.

The nations have looked after diplomatic niceties but have didn’t begin some considerable developments in financial, political, or maybe cultural relations.

Egypt has additionally dedicated many notable diplomatic blunders and maybe soured the reputation of its in the Moroccan authorities.

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