A smart Solution.
On the spectrum of “Do It Yourself” and “Hire a Full time Maid,” there have been several levelheaded cleaning alternatives for apartment dwellers and home owners – until today. As 2015 rolls ahead, something is very clear – e commerce has developed in favor of the customer. With a swipe/tap/keystroke, you are able to summon a driver, sushi, and on occasion even a mattress to the leading doorstep much faster as well as less than ever before. Lucky for you, Maid service works tirelessly to revolutionize the community of professional maintenance, enabling you to effectively (and cheaply) summon a Maid to satisfy your home management needs.

Our option would be safe, sensible, and simple. We have empowered thousands of New Yorkers (who’ve saved a huge selection of hours and dollars) by providing a reliable, professional cleaning service. As a leader in on demand home solutions, we provide our high quality service at prices that are very affordable, with the final goal of getting a continuing component of our clients’ lives that are busy – for as few as hundred dolars monthly, a 1 bedroom apartment is able to be impeccably clean year round. While our coverage has bedrooms of all the sizes, costs don’t meaningfully increase for bigger homes, creating Maid service a great, wallet friendly solution for singular residents & families alike.

While New Yorkers continue to be waiting around for all the people at Google to create self driving automobiles plus WiFi equipped x ray goggles, they are NOT waiting for new developments in on demand cleaning – see below for probably the most salient particulars relating to the services of ours and book your very first maintenance today. Check maid service .com for more info and then may take advantage of the chance to speak to a customer service representative who’ll be delighted to answer the concerns of yours.

Fifty Shades of Clean.
Suppose you are intending to thoroughly clean the house of yours. Just where are you going to begin? Exactly how thorough will you let yourself to be? Majority of home owners will just deal with the apparent problem parts (and rightfully so), like the bath room as well as the room, as well as actually leave the majority for “later” (which, amazingly, never ever comes). Your tables, carpets, walls, and floors have most likely been unaddressed for so very long your dust collects dust. Professional cleaners are going to address each part of the living area of yours, regardless of how big. They will make these issue areas in immaculate state as well as pay particular interest to the floors of yours, mirrors, walls, table tops and doors. While dusting, cleaning and vacuuming are regular activities that professionals do with great ease, they are able to likewise wash interior typical items (microwaves, ovens) and also remove recyclables and junk for you. Professionals are expansive and thorough; they don’t leave until the task is performed. Try it only once – we ensure any leftover dirtiness will most definitely be in the mind of yours.

“OMG, I am Far too Busy to be Doing This.”
Needless to say you’re. In case you were not hectic, we likely would not occur. The hallmark of Maid service’ program is it’s customizable for each individual, team as well as family. Face it – when you are “doing it yourself,” it is hard to assess just how long some jobs will take. Even in case you are knowledgeable, spending time cleaning is actually an inefficient use of the time of yours (unless you are an experienced cleaner). It is a two-fold loss – you are dedicating some time towards an unenjoyable effort and achieving the minimum to keep yourself over until the following feared cleaning.

Save headaches, money, and time by hiring Maid services. Unlike your last minute guests, we accommodate you. Monthly, semi monthly, one-time and weekly cleaning frequencies are available – cleanings range from only 1.5 to 3.5 hours with respect to the dimensions of the home of yours. We use English speaking, background checked workers that offer by-the-minute communications (if need be), enabling you to deal with each facet of your respective cleansing experience.

Working with responsive partners enables you to get control over the routine of yours and even prepare your season masterfully. Really think of it this way: allowing a Maid service to thoroughly clean the home of yours while you are out and also about is just love letting Windows (or maybe iOS) to add revisions within the background while you are responding to scrolling and e mails through Instagram – killing 2 birds with no stones!

State-of-the-art Equipment.
Do you’ve the resources for the project? The solution to this particular issue just matters in case you are preparing a solo mission. Maid services come furnished with cleaning items needed for important cleaning projects – they make use of green agents and therefore are ready to deal with many aspects of the home of yours (kitchen, walls, sinks, floors, bedrooms, bathroom, etc.) with no help. In case you discover specific activities (e.g. cleaning specific supplies or wood) you want, you are able to alert the specialized in advance plus they will show up fully equipped. In case you have settled into your house lately or maybe you are light on resources, Maid Sailors could be an ideal, appropriate solution. More to the point, in case you choose to create expert cleanings a continuing section of the life of yours, you are able to discard extra cleaning materials and also brainstorm new “things” to stick in the location of theirs (as in case you required one more reason to hop onto Amazon.com).

Consistent Reliability.
The idea of allowing an unidentified stranger into your house is certain to take up several anxieties. Maid services tackles the problem in a fashion that really differentiates them as being an industry leader. Nearly all of our experts are realized (this is not their primary rodeo), experience & reference checked, English speaking and also interviewed in person. Additionally, most cleanings booked through Maid Sailors are insured and bonded. We have worked tirelessly to produce a gold standard of durability so our customers won’t ever have to be worried about anything except what they will be preparing for dinner. Do not just shoot the word of ours for doing it – read the 5 star reviews of ours.

Anything else.
“Art washes far from the soul the dust of daily life.” If Pablo Picasso were still living (and residing in New York), he may think about employing Maid services. From a cleaning viewpoint, we are over the exact same web page – we strive to meaningfully enhance the quality of the days of yours by spending the routine job of cleaning from the situation while helping you save some time and cash. We are tried out and tried experts which happily lay claim to many kinds of New Yorkers as clients – natives and newcomers, complete families and single 20 somethings. Consider using a cleaning and find out for yourself – like an one time personal training session, even in case it is not for you, you will continue to walk away with useful insights. In the opulent jungle of New York, many luxuries are usually to be seen but out of reach – let Maid Sailors show you first hand that professional cleansing is not among them.