Ideas and tips for Decorating a Bedroom in Ikea Style

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Decorating With Vintage Finds
Vintage pieces add charming design on the room.
Charmingly individualistic, quirky, and old-fashioned, yet a tad romantic, versatile, and budget friendly: That is the natural beauty of an area decorated with vintage finds. It is a far reaching layout which really makes it very easy to showcase imagination, which cannot be found to one easy definition. But generally, vintage style means that designing with colors, accessories, fabrics, and furnishings which were popular decades back – particularly, the models on the 1940s and 1950s. Technically, nonetheless, the term “vintage” describes each appliance that’s much more than twenty years old, but a bit less than hundred. Vintage things are some of those connected with nostalgia, but that aren’t yet antiques.

Allow me to share several strategies & ideas for decorating bedrooms with vintage finds.

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Paint Your Vintage Finds
Turquoise dresser inside a vintage bedroom You will quickly discover that with regards to vintage furnishings, paint could be the closest friend of yours. Regardless of whether a vintage piece is scuffed or even stained, it is not hard to make it a makeover with a brilliant brand new layer of colourful paint, as seen right here in the beautiful turquoise bedside dresser from Margot Austin.

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Pattern and color in Vintage Decor
Mix patterns inside a vintage bedroom Although there’s absolutely no hard-and-fast vintage color scheme, you will typically discover that the vintage palette is very soft in strength, utilizes a great deal of frothy cream, and also becomes decorative with mint or maybe moss green, soft blue, pink, palest lavender or maybe buttery yellow. This is not the decorating style for colors that are dark, intense brights, a lot of brown and brown, and our planet tones.

Mixing patterns is one other vintage should, particularly florals or maybe any other botanicals, butterflies & birds, or maybe scenes of idyllic 1940s or maybe 1950s life.

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Finding Vintage Items
Country vintage bedroom You are not gon na get genuine vintage parts at your neighborhood big box furniture store. Rather, consider it to be a hunt; you are searching for inexpensive furnishings which were well loved over the years. The best bet of yours are locations as flea markets, secondhand stores, antique shops and malls, Craigslist, or perhaps garage sales.

This country charmer bedroom is through the vintage loving blog Aiken House & Gardens.

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Add Something Unexpected
Show off of a quirky collection in a vintage bedroom.
Because vintage finds are outside of the normal contemporary mass produced things you will get in most decorating retailers, it is interesting to play up the period style by doing something unanticipated in the bedroom of yours. This room shows off the owner’s whimsy with a group of vintage fans on a shelf added up large because of this very purpose. Is there one thing you like or even collect? Spotlight it in a very similar manner. Old globes, vintage ceramic cats or dogs, hats, glove forms, dolls… whatever causes you to smile when you notice it.

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Find Creative
Vintage chair as bedside table Vintage pieces are one-of-a-kind, as are you. Really with regards to decorating the bedroom of yours, get creative. This is not the design and style for matched furniture, predictable design, or perhaps adopting the guidelines. Rather, pick a folding chair as being a bedside table, lean a well used shutter against the wall and also adorn it using a vintage calendar, or maybe set up quite a mirror over the floor. Or even do something totally different; it is as many as you. The sole rule when designing with vintage furnishings is using the imagination of yours.

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Innovative Repurposing
Fireplace are around as headboard Rather than a regular headboard, why don’t you make use of a vintage fireplace surround, as in this fantastic bedroom from Jennifer Grey Interiors? Or maybe fake the appearance with a brand new fence painted to appear aged.

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Blend Old and New Furnishings Blue floral wallpaper in vintage bedroom.
Decorating with vintage finds does not imply that all in your room needs to be aged. Actually, it is usually a little confusing to embellish with only period pieces. Instead, blend a couple of vintage accessories or even furniture with things that are all new . This room, for instance, can make very good use of a set of beautiful vintage nightstands and at least one old suitcases given brand new life with a layer of brilliant blue paint. The bedding, is new, however, though it’s a vintage experience because of the chenille throw blanket. And also the great floral wallpaper is a celebration of vintage design, though it is a new design.

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For any True Enthusiast, Vintage All the Way
Vintage bedroom decorating ideas Most individuals will just add a couple of contacts of vintage decoration to the bedroom of theirs, but in case you love the design, why don’t you get it all of the right way? What a beautiful method to make a calm & very feminine retreat. Therefore sweet.

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Repurpose Furniture
Repurpose handkerchiefs right into a headboard.
Among the hallmarks of vintage decor is a reliance on repurposed things to contribute to the fun, while simultaneously helping continue decorating expenses down. The room found here does both superbly by showcasing framed vintage handkerchiefs instead of any headboard, together with the extremely innovative use of drums instead of standard nightstands. Try letting your thoughts run wild; you are able to repurpose almost anything in case you are innovative enough.

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Toss on Some Vintage Throw Pillows
Vintage throw pillows
A bed piled high with vintage throw pillows looks very comfortable & inviting. This beautiful room is through the all-things-vintage blog Aiken House & Gardens. Search for vintage pillows on Ebay or Etsy.

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Go on and DIY
DIY projects for a vintage themed bedroom.
Among the most entertaining elements of vintage design is just how good it lends itself to a broad range of DIY jobs. Just to illustrate, the bedroom shown right here. That funky headboard? It is heavy cardboard cut into the preferred design and after that covered with wallpaper. The very jewelry display over the wall? That is as simple as applying a paper lace doily as a stencil to produce the romantic style, and then screwing a bunch of vintage hooks into the blend to keep jewelry, vintage clothing, scarves, and whatever else you want.

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Show off of a Vintage Treasure
Beautiful vintage bed If you are fortunate enough to get (or inherit) a gorgeous vintage piece of furniture, like the bed found here, display it to its greatest benefit with an easy color pattern along with a wallpapered accent wall which provides much more vintage design on the space.

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Using Vintage Finds in a tiny Bedroom
Small vintage bedroom Wondering how you can enhance that little attic bedroom? Furnish it with vintage finds, deal with the wall surfaces with cheery wallpaper which has a vintage feel, top the bed with vintage inspired bedding, and voila! An airy, cute and also inviting room. Note the repurposed stepladder used as an end table.

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Using Vintage Bedding
Vintage bedding on bed which is rubber that It is difficult to match the appeal of real vintage bedding. You are able to often locate textile treasures at antique stores or thrift stores, or maybe online through Ebay or Etsy. Remember, nonetheless, that vintage fabric is fine, therefore you will have to have more attention with decades old bedding.

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By using Color that is bright
Colorful vintage bedroom Decorating in vintage style does not mean you cannot have colorful. Case in point: this joyful bedroom makes happy use of mainly main hues for a wonderfully upbeat look.

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Vintage Meets Glamor
Glamorous vintage bedroom Whenever you decide on vintage furniture designed in a glamorous style, like Hollywood Regency, your bedroom assumes a complicated, movie-star-from-the-40s and expensive elegance.

ikea Abu Dhabi

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Strive for Sweet Serenity
Pretty vintage bedroom By selecting a gentle color pattern and including interest with only 1 or even 2 somewhat brighter accent colors, you will build a tranquil experience inside your vintage bedroom.

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Not Just for Women
A vintage style bedroom for a male.
Even though many bedrooms decorated with vintage parts have a decidedly girly flair, one is not restricted to the women. Stick with a peaceful palette of mossy environment friendly and very soft tan, and also the room assumes a tranquil, gender neutral vibe that might do any male – or maybe any female, for that matter. The great rustic headboard shown here was created from a repurposed vintage door by Vintage Headboards.

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DIY Wall Treatments
Handle a wall with vintage shutters Because designing with vintage finds indicates furnishings are usually a little old, mismatched, or even in need of a little bit of love, the design lends itself especially well to DIY projects, like the wall covered with old shutters shown right here. Try letting your creativity run wild!

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Vintage Tropical Touches
Vintage bedroom with Hawaiian motifs The Hawaiian inspired accents in this particular vintage bedroom from Bella Mancini Designs add a dash of fun on the room. Hawaiian and tropical motifs have been a favorite appearance in the 1950s.

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Introduce Vintage to Rustic Style
Vintage rustic bedroom The vintage design works with a lot of different decorating themes, including rustic. In this beautiful room from Marianne Songbird, a rustic wooden headboard assumes a tinge of sweetness when strung with fairy lights and coupled with vintage bedding.

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Ikea Style, Coastal Version
Coastal vintage bedroom Using just a couple vintage parts in an area is a good way to include character without going crazy. In this specific coastal-influenced bedroom from designer Phoebe Howard, a vintage wooden bed plus rug help produce a relaxing vibe.

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Include a Sitting Area With Ikea Seat
Vintage sitting area in room Every room deserves a comfy sitting area, even in case it’s just a chair tucked in the space. Though this beautiful vintage sitting spot from designer Emily Henderson will it properly. Even during a general fashionable environment, a vintage chair is a good option.

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Send Ikea Style to the Loft Vintage bedroom in manufacturing loft.
Think industrial, minimalist, or maybe very fashionable are your single options when decorating a converted loft, or perhaps a rugged room with exposed brick walls? Next check out the beautiful vintage bedroom shown right here. Vintage design is a good way to file down a room that could usually be uncomfortable and cold.